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Lesley and Chris

Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to experience India.

It seems that regardless of whether people have a lot or a little they embody the most beautiful things in life. Because of your hard work and commitment to our tour we have incredible memories to take home with us, fabulous photographs and moments of many smiles. Our encounter with tigers is our favourite memory along with the beautiful people of India.


We shall take a part of your world home with us to NZ forever.

The waving children, the sleeping dogs , the incense burning, the decorates Tata Trucks, a glimpse of tigers, chattering squirrels, peacocks, camels and cows. The Texture of velvet, silk and cotton, the taste of spices and Sula Wine! The warmth of your winter sun. Most of all the your welcome, kindness, love and utter calmness has made this adventure a very treasured experience.


This has been an absolutely wonderful trip

especially as it was not something I would ever be able to do. India has completely exceeded all my expectations and it has been such a privilege to have been so generously and wonderfully hosted. The most magical moment was when a mother tigress walked towards us in Rathambore National Park when we realised she had three “teenage” cats along with her.


A visual and aural delight

I now have to contemplate the extraordinary magical moments of India. The trip was so well considered and organised that any further exploration of India is a must!


India is rich in family, in friendship..

In its welcome to guests, in heritage and history, in tradition and culture, in spirituality and mythology, in diversity and contrasts, in creativity and creations, in colour and texture, India is rich in what matters, rich in blessings and blessedness. Thank you for sharing your wealth and riches with us , we are humbled by your generosity.


Jaipur Literature Festival...

I have to confess to three addictions. I am addicted to books, India and the Jaipur Literature Festival.
In the absence of friends who are equally addicted, I set off for the Jaipur Literature Festival alone, deciding to take in all 5 days with a Friend of the Festival ticket, and then spend 5 nights unwinding in the countryside outside Jaipur. A Friends of the festival ticket allows you access to the friends lounge for a quiet respite, quieter toilets facilities which were kept spotless, and a buffet lunch every day, when you may sit down with some prominent authors and journalists... more >

Surrounded by ancient forts and the rugged Aravali Hills, Jaipur, Rajasthan's Pink City, is one of the most enticing places in India. Every aspect of Jaipur (The story goes that when Queen Victoria visited 1876, the maharaja painted the whole city pink hence its nickname) was originally meticulously planned when it was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. Today it is one of India’s fastest-growing cities, showcasing ‘new meets old’, yet even in the most modern parts, ancient traditions remain.