Kanha National Park


Nestled in the jungles of the Mekal Range of the ancient Satpura hills, the Kanha National Park is one of the oldest and largest wildlife sanctuaries across India. Kanha was declared a Reserve Forest in the late nineteenth century itself and by 1933 upgraded to the status of a wildlife sanctuary.
Spread across a sprawling area of nearly 2000 sq km, this national park offers the true safari experience. Head deep into the jungles to try your luck at spotting the usually elusive tiger population or track the decreasing tribe of the Barasinghaor hard ground swamp deer. It is also a bird watcher’s delight, home as it is to about 300 species of birds.
Experienced jungle guides offer you the advantage of local wisdom and make the safari deep into the jungles a memorable experience. There are morning and afternoon safaris every day except Wednesday, however, the locals would advise you to set out bright and early if spotting a tiger is high on your list! Guides can also take you by foot along a well-marked nature trail, nearly seven kilometres long – enjoy the walk, take time out to listen to bird calls to locate some rare species that are often spotted here.

Experiences In And Around Kanha National Park

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