Although Tellicherry is not usually considered to be “on the tourist trail” that is actually part of its charm. This coastal town offers a glimpse of the genuine Keralan way of life, and boasts an enchanting, long, sandy beach. The region is most famous for its Tellicherri Pepper, which at one time was more expensive than gold! The markets of Tellicherry are definitely worth a visit for their wonderful sea food from the fresh catches you can see being brought in by the fishermen each morning on the beaches but also for their vegetables and good-quality fabrics. Visit bidi rolling factories, trips to the handloom weaving unit to learn about weaving clothes using shuttle weaves the traditional way and the local Parassinikadavu temple to witness the ‘theyyam’, a rich Hindu dance/ drama ritual. These are season specific but if the dates are right, one can witness a performance as produced for the locals, rather than for tourists in the hotels.

Experiences In And Around Tellicherry

City Walks

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