Barely explored is this richly fascinating land of the Terai, located between the Himalayas and the great plains of India. It is a National Park which is made up of three parks, each offering a rich diversity in the wildlife and topography they contain. Dudhwa is the only park outside of Assam which is home to the one-horned Rhino, one of the best conservation stories to come out of India, Katarniaghat is a wetland and lake sanctuary with crocodiles and unique avifauna and the third is Kishanpur the once almost extinct twelve horned deer or Bharasingha as well as an elusive tiger population. Being close to Nepal, wild elephants roam during their migration and all three parks have their own as well as an impressive collection of migratory birds. This is a little known but extraordinary wildlife destination and should be on the list for anyone looking for a more ‘off beat’ wildlife experience.

Experiences In And Around Dudhwa National Park


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