An aerial view of Kochi (formerly Cochin) and its surrounds provides a lush, vibrant green panorama of coconut trees, paddy fields, undulating hills, with meandering rivers and waterways. The city, made in three parts is located at the juncture where backwaters join the Arabian Sea. The Fort area is where most people flock to, and understandably so, it is made up of a mélange of buildings, left by the different influences on the region, Dutch, British and Portuguese and of course the Chinese Fishing Nets. Now days there are many fun cafes and art galleries opening up which gives the area a whole new feel and makes it a fun place to explore. From antiques to spices to modern art and bakeries, there are plenty of things to discover. In the evening, stroll by the beach and watch the ships and fishing boats make their way in and out of the harbour. Few sights can match the magnificence of the sun sinking seemingly into the water as a flaming orange orb, silhouetting the Fishing Nets.

Experiences In And Around Cochin

Boat Trip
City Cycling
City Walks

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