The Wayanad district of northern Kerala is blessed with mist-clad mountains and verdant valleys and is the perfect destination if you love the great outdoors. It is also an area of plantations and many crops are grown here including pepper, cardamom, coffee, tea and of course, spices. Although it is starting to get discovered, it is still unspoilt by mass tourism. While some larger hotels are now opening up here, it is the charming plantation bungalows and homestays which give you a true sense of this region and its friendly locals. The main places of interest in Wayanad are Edakkal Caves, Amblavayal, magnificent rock caves with pre-historic carvings, Chembra Peak, the highest peak in the district and also a trekker’s paradise with breath-taking scenic views and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary home to elephant, spotted deer, gaur, etc and large numbers of reptiles and birds.

Experiences In And Around Wayanad

Village Experience
Rural Cycling

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