With his expertise in ticketing – he is dedicated to get the best deal for you. His meticulous attitude enhances your holiday by looking into the finest logistics making sure you have the best time of your life when you travel with us.

He is passionate about what he does. Never misses an opportunity to think out of the box to help you design a perfect holiday for your trip. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Be it history, culture, landscape, mythology, literature, current affairs, food, art, the list goes on, Rachna is the backbone to all the research put in to bring the logistics together for any itinerary. Together with our team of consultants, we at Beyond the Taj, curate memorable moments and

With 35 years of business experience in designing textiles for the who’s who around the world, she is the creative head of the business and her forte is to gravitate towards the unique and the extraordinary to give a new definition to the guest’s travel experience. A

A computer science engineer, with 20 years of business experience running a milk plant, a quiet dependable friend, hospitable by nature, looking after guests comes naturally to him.